What do children of refugees, immigrants, minorities, career expatriates, mixed race, and bi-cultural families have in common?

  • These young people are part of the “new normal” in today’s globalizing world.
  • Unlike those of past generations who grew up in monocultural environments, these young people interact with two or more different cultural worlds during their developmental years.

Sociologists, anthropologists, educators, psychologists, and other academicians often study these groups as distinct entities. Today’s changing world brings up new questions.

We invite all interested people to come, particularly academicians and practitioners in the fields of sociology, anthropology, psychology, education, child and adolescent development, and intercultural studies. Also those involved with immigrants, refugees, minorities, ethnicities, expatriates, international adoptees and other related areas, are welcome.

Visit this website to learn more: http://crossculturalkid.org/Sympo/

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