Ruth Van Reken
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Welcome to Cross Cultural Kids

Because the world is becoming increasingly complex, it seems time to have the discussion of how a cross-cultural childhood—for ANY reason—along with the mobility inherent in our world is affecting children of many backgrounds.

Our research is just beginning but we are delighted to have the conversation start. We know there is much wisdom from many of you “out there” and hope you will join us in this dialog.


About Ruth

Hi, I'm Ruth Van Reken. As a citizen of the USA raised for thirteen years in Nigeria, I’m an adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) — that is, I, like many others, was raised for a significant portion of my childhood outside my parents’ culture. My father, children, and first grandchild are TCKs as well.

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Ruth-booksRuth is the author of "Letters Never Sent and co-author of "Third Culture Kids" with David Pollock

Additionally, there are many resources available for CCKs and their friends, family & support here on my site.